Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011!
It's the beginning of a brand new year and a perfect time to
start some new routines, form some new habits, and work to improve your life.
Simple is Best is here to help you do just that!
For starters, take a look around your house.
Are there things you want to replace? eliminate? enhance?
Try to look at each room through fresh eyes, as if seeing it for the first time.
Then make a list of everything you'd like to see changed.

Once you've done this in every room and made a list of what you want to do,
then start looking for ways to make it happen that will fit your budget.
If you can afford to toss everything and buy brand new without worry,
then do it (and bless someone less fortunate by giving them what you toss.)
If, like most of us, that is not a possibility, then get creative and start planning.

Instead of buying a new chair, consider reupholstering the old one or recovering it.
Even a quilt or blanket hung over the back or new throw pillows can freshen things up.
Would a fresh coat of paint on the wall make a dramatic difference?
Paint is pretty inexpensive and you can probably do it yourself in a day.

Another inexpensive option is to rearrange your furniture.
Don't feel bound by where plugs are, either; running an extension cord or
having a new cable outlet installed is far cheaper than buying new furniture.

Would you share some of your ideas with us?

Please leave a comment. Tell us your plans and the results of your efforts.

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  1. I just did that! My hubby and older 2 boys were gone at a preaching conference for the first part of the week so I "took inventory" :) That means cleaning/organizing/moving furniture around/seeing what we don't need anymore and can give to another.

    I do this once or twice a year and everyone loves it! I spent no money and as my daughter put it, "The house just feels all brand new" :)

    Hope you and your dear family have the most blessed year as you serve our Lord.